About us

At O’Hara Watches, we are carrying on the traditions of classic watchmaking by blending contemporary styles and modern engineering. Each timepiece encapsulates the brilliance of classic watches while delivering the performance of innovative movements. The quality of components under the dial is equally matched by the impressive display of materials that are meticulously crafted and hand-assembled piece by piece. Our watches pay homage to minimalist yet sporty designs and are created for those who put quality and fashion above all else.

Our team strives to create a watch brand that is reliable in every way. With 7 years of experience in the market, we understand just what our customers are looking for in a well crafted watch. And with a focus on quality over quantity, we are able to give each watch the care and attention it deserves.

When you buy an O’Hara watch, you are guaranteed not just a high-quality product, but customer service and support to match it. We understand that our buyers expect nothing but the best from us, and are dedicated to making their experience as an owner truly memorable. Our charity-support initiatives also give our patrons a chance to make a difference with every timepiece they buy.

Jože Kuhar
Chief Executive officer


"At O'HARA we are aiming to send people watches that are good quality and last long."

Matic Klemencic
Product designer Manager


"I try to satisfy all fashion tastes, however demanding they may be"

Miha Pucko
Product quality Manager


"My task is to make every O'HARA product impeccable eaven in the eyes of extrem perfectionists"